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A not-for-profit community-based organization devoted to support women affected by cancer on their journey to wellness. Dragonfly provides unique programs that foster self-care and a community of support

Wellness Retreat
Offers wellness weekend retreats four times per year * three retreats are specifically tailored to the needs of women affected by breast cancer and one retreat is for younger women affected by breast or gynecological cancer * each of the retreats take place in a beautiful natural setting and provides holistic education through an interactive program that promote self-care * supports women on their journey by fostering health and well-being through a mixture of nourishing approaches such as hands-on yoga and meditation practices (no experience required); educational workshops on healthy living; facilitated group discussions about body image and sexuality after cancer; a workshop on self-care, and creative arts and outdoor adventures * weekend offerings include:
  • an intimate setting with skilled professional staff
  • an opportunity to explore unique choices in healing
  • a nurturing environment for mind, body, and spirit
  • skills and tools for your continuing journey
  • a community of unique supportive women who are going through a similar experience

All women affected by cancer who have completed their treatment in York Region and surrounding area are welcome

S.H.A.P.E is an 8-week exercise program designed for women affected by breast cancer who have completed treatment * using light weights, participants will safely and gradually build up their strength, energy and stamina as well as improve their range of motion after surgery * this program is offered by Rebecca Wilkinson, a Registered Massage Therapist and Certified Lymphedema Therapist with 7 years experience treating lymphedema, and Laura Stornelli, a Breast Cancer Thriver and Certified Fitness Instructor with training on Pilates & Yoga for breast cancer survivors * the team developed this exercise program after the evidence-based model of Strength After Breast Cancer * this intervention has shown to decrease lymphedema exacerbations by 50%; decreases the onset of lymphedema by 70% (among women with 5+ nodes removed); improves body composition, body image, and upper body symptoms; and prevents the decline in physical function that occurs in women affected by breast cancer

S.H.A.P.E Yoga is an 8-week yoga program designed for women affected by breast cancer * the focus is on shoulder function, range of motion and addresses mobility issues caused by scar tissue
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