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Income Security Programs - Canada Pension Plan

Government of Canada income security program information / applications are available at this location and include:

The Canada Pension Plan:
  • a monthly benefit available to those who have contributed to the Canada Pension Plan, must have attained at least sixty years of age and made the necessary application
  • if you are 60-64, you must have wholly or substantially ceased work to qualify
  • it is advisable to apply 6 months prior to the date you wish the pension to begin
Pension Sharing:
  • a method of pension division between married pensioners
Credit Splitting:
  • a method of pension division between separated/divorced couples or common-law partners
  • for further details contact your local Income Security Program office. This covers cases of divorce, annulment, separation and credit splitting between married or partnered pensioners.
Disability Pension:
  • a monthly benefit provided for contributors who have become disabled before reaching 65 years of age
  • eligibility is based on the factors of disability and contributions
  • disabilities must be both severe and prolonged
  • monthly benefits are also available to dependent children (under the age of 18 and children 18 - 25 yrs of age who are in full attendance at school) of the disabled contributor
Lump Sum Death Benefit:
  • Canada Pension Plan Contributors qualify their survivors or estate for a Lump Sum Death Benefit
  • directly related to the deceased contributor's earnings and contributions
Survivor's Pension:
  • provides a monthly pension for survivors of a Canada Pension Plan contributor
Children's Benefit:
  • a monthly flat rate benefit is payable on behalf of the deceased or disabled contributor's dependent children.
International Social Security Agreements:
  • Reciprocal Social Security Agreements allow portability of social security benefits between countries
  • Canada has numerous social security agreements with countries around the world. For a complete listing, contact your Income Security office.
Note: Telephone the toll free number for further information. Telephoning often may save a visit to the office.
Age Requirements: Ages: 60 year(s) and up;
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