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Old Age Security Programs, Belleville

Old Age Security (OAS)

Monthly pension to persons 65 or over regardless of income or assets
  • must be legal resident of Canada for at least 40 years to receive full pension
  • also full pension for persons who were 25 years or older as of July 1, 1977, and who resided in or had a visa to enter Canada that was valid on that date, or who had resided legally in Canada prior to that date and after reaching age 18, and who resided in Canada immediately before approval of the application
  • persons who cannot meet the requirements for full pension may earn a partial pension
Old Age Security Identification Card
  • Allows OAS recipients who do not use direct deposit to cash their pension cheques
  • may be used as proof of age to receive senior discounts from stores, restaurants or other services, but no official standing as identification
Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS)
  • Supplement added monthly to Old Age Security for those with limited or no income
  • reapply when income taxes are filed
  • not payable outside Canada beyond a period of 6 months regardless of how long the person lived in Canada
  • Monthly allowance for spouses 60-64 years of Old Age Security pensioners receiving Guaranteed Income Supplement
  • based on combined income of the couple
  • residence requirements
  • proof of age required
  • reapply when income taxes are filed
Allowance for the Survivor
  • Monthly allowance for widowed spouses 60-64 years
  • death, marriage and applicant's birth certificate required
  • based on limited or no income
  • deceased spouse need not have received Old Age Security
  • apply when income taxes are filed
Programs of Human Resources and Social Development Canada, delivered by Service Canada

  • Canada has reciprocal social security agreements with many other countries, see website for details

Application Process
Apply 6 months before becoming eligible * application forms available online, by phone or in person at Service Canada sites, see separate entries
Toll free 1-800-622-6232
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1-613-957-1954 - Outside Canada and the United States
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