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Distance: 200km
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Cardinal Place Retirement Home
Office: 519-254-1112
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3140 Peter St
Windsor, ON, N9C 1H3 (3km)
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Chartwell Royal Marquis - Retirement Residence
Office: 226-526-9694
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590 Grand Marais Rd E
Windsor, ON, N8X 3H4 (5km)
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Amica Senior Lifestyles
Office: 519-948-5500
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4909 Riverside Dr E
Windsor, ON, N8Y 0A4 (5km)
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Chartwell Oak Park Terrace Retirement Residence
Office: 226-526-9690
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1750 North Service Rd E
Windsor, ON, N8W 1Y3 (5km)
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1953 Cabana Rd W
Windsor, ON, N9G 2X6 (7km)
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Chartwell Oak Park LaSalle - Retirement Residence
Office: 226-526-9692
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3955 Thirteenth St
Windsor, ON, N9H 2S7 (8km)
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La Chaumiere Retirement Residence
Office: 519-727-5506
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1023 County Rd 22, RR #1
Lakeshore, ON, N0R 1A0 (21km)
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Iler Lodge Long Term Care and Retirement Living
Office: 519-776-9482
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111 Iler Ave
Essex, ON, N8M 1T6 (24km)
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Independent Retirement Living
Office: 519-733-4870
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Southgate Residence; 38 Park St
Kingsville, ON, N9Y 1N4 (40km)
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Chartwell Leamington Retirement Residence and Long Term Care Facility
Office: 519-973-6316
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1 Henry Ave
Leamington, ON, N8H 5P1 (47km)
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Leamington Mennonite Home and Apartments
Office: 519-326-6109
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35 Pickwick Dr
Leamington, ON, N8H 4T5 (48km)
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Hudson Manor Retirement Residence
Office: 519-682-3366
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36 Lawson St
Chatham-Kent, ON, N0P 2L0 (51km)
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80 McNaughton Ave
Wallaceburg, ON, N8A 1R9 (61km)
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Wallaceburg Retirement Residence
Office: 519-627-0719
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70 Duke St
Chatham-Kent, ON, N8A 5E4 (62km)
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850 Grand Ave W
Chatham, ON, N7L 5H5 (68km)
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25 Keil Dr N
Chatham-Kent, ON, N7L 5J9 (68km)
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Maple City Retirement Residence
Office: 519-354-7111
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97 McFarlane Ave
Chatham-Kent, ON, N7L 4V6 (69km)
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Chatham Evangel Senior Citizens Villa Community Inc
Office: 519-436-1404
50 Sandys St
Chatham-Kent, ON, N7L 4Y5 (70km)
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99 Park St
Chatham-Kent, ON, N7M 3R5 (71km)
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Eden Villa Retirement & Assisted Living
Office: 519-354-2273
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190 Stanley Ave
Chatham, ON, N7M 3J9 (71km)
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40 Elm St
Chatham-Kent, ON, N7M 6A5 (71km)
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Park Street Place Retirement Residence
Office: 519-683-4474
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650 Park St
Chatham-Kent, ON, N0P 1M0 (76km)
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180 Bunker Ave
St Clair, ON, N0N 1G0 (79km)
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198 Beckwith St
St Clair, ON, N0N 1G0 (80km)
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Serenity Blenheim Retirement Living
Office: 519-676-4489
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84 Marlborough St N
Chatham-Kent, ON, N0P 1A0 (85km)
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