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Distance: 200km
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Walk-In Medical Clinic
Office: 519-962-2691
Pharmacy: 519-258-3333
366 Wyandotte St W
Windsor, ON, N9A 5X2
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Erie Health and Wellness Centre - Medical Walk-in Clinic
Office: 519-252-0007
101 Erie St E
Windsor, ON, N9A 3W9 (1km)
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Medical Centre Walk-In Clinic
Office: 519-419-4294
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1591 Ouellette Ave
Windsor, ON, N8X 1K5 (2km)
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Walk-in Medical Clinic, West Side Office - Tecumseh Rd W
Office: 519-258-4400
1608 Tecumseh Rd W
Windsor, ON, N9B 1T8 (2km)
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VCare Walk-In Clinic and Urgent Care
Office: 519-254-7979
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Howard Center; 2285 Howard Ave
Windsor, ON, N8X 3V2 (3km)
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1270 Walker Rd, Unit 1
Windsor, ON, N8Y 4T4 (3km)
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Nwapa Family Medicine and Walk In
Office: 519-946-0208
3211 Sandwich St
Windsor, ON, N9C 1A9 (4km)
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Walk-in Medical Clinic
Office: 519-255-9185
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2055 Huron Church Rd
Windsor, ON, N9C 2L6 (4km)
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Pillette Village Medical Walk-in Clinic
Office: 519-974-8682
4900 Wyandotte St E, Unit 100
Windsor, ON, N8Y 1H7 (5km)
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Walk-in Medical Clinic & Urgent Care
Office: 226-773-6260
Medical Laboratory: 519-258-1991
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Grand Marais Urgent Care Clinic; 2930 Dominion Blvd W
Windsor, ON, N9E 2M8 (5km)
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Windsor River Walk-in Clinic
Office: 519-254-1594
Pharmacy: 519-254-2226
671 Wyandotte St E
Windsor, ON, N9A 3H9 (5km)
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Medical Walk-In Clinic
Office: 519-948-0011
3691 Tecumseh Rd E
Windsor, ON, N8X 2R5 (6km)
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Roseland After Hours Medical Clinic
Office: 519-972-3944
3840 Howard Ave
Windsor, ON, N9E 3N9 (7km)
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Medical Walk In Clinic
Office: 519-251-1878
2909 Grandview St
Windsor, ON, N8T 2L5 (7km)
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Roseville Lab and Walk-in Clinic
Office: 519-944-3393
2525 Roseville Garden Dr
Windsor, ON, N8T 3J8 (8km)
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Medical Walk-In Clinic
Office: 519-250-6990
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1400 Provincial Rd
Windsor, ON, N8W 5W1 (8km)
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7875 Riverside Dr E
Windsor, ON, N8S 1E1 (8km)
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7885 Wyandotte St E
Windsor, ON, N8S 1S8 (8km)
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Walk-in Medical Clinic, East Side Office - Hawthorne Dr
Office: 519-944-2295
6720 Hawthorne Dr
Windsor, ON, N8T 1J9 (8km)
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Walker Square; 4371 Walker Rd
Windsor, ON, N8W 3T6 (9km)
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Medical Walk-In Clinic
Office Phone: 519-970-9305
6525 Malden Rd, Essential Medical Building
Windsor, ON, N9H 1T5 (9km)
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Forest Glade Medical Centre
Office: 519-944-0005
3145 Forest Glade Dr
Windsor, ON, N8R 1W6 (10km)
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11811 Tecumseh Rd E, Unit 104
Tecumseh, ON, N8N 4M7 (11km)
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TMC Medical Walk-In Clinic
Office: 519-979-5260
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13278 Tecumseh Rd E, Suite 101
Tecumseh, ON, N8N 2L9 (14km)
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Medical Walk-in Clinic
Office: 519-776-1559
Brady's Pharmacy : 519-961-9610
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186 Talbot St S
Essex, ON, N8M 1B6 (24km)
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