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Centralized Access to Seniors Specialty Hospital Beds (CASS)
416-785-2500 ext 2319
250 Dundas St W, Suite 305
Toronto, ON, M5T 2Z5 (1km)
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550 University Ave
Toronto, ON, M5G 2A2 (1km)
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Community Programs - Grange Road
Office: 416-598-3444
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23 Grange Rd
Toronto, ON, M5T 1C3 (1km)
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Mount Sinai Hospital
Switchboard: 416-596-4200
Patient Inquiry: 416-586-8300
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Joseph and Wolf Lebovic Health Complex, 600 University Ave
Toronto, ON, M5G 1X5 (1km)
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170 Jarvis St
Toronto, ON, M5B 2B7 (1km)
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University Health Network, Toronto General Hospital
Switchboard: 416-340-3111
Patient Inquiry: 416-340-3131
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200 Elizabeth St
Toronto, ON, M5G 2C4 (1km)
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Seniors and Caregivers Support Services
Office: 416-595-9618
Office: 416-595-9230
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355 Church St, 3rd Fl
Toronto, ON, M5B 0B2 (1km)
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Adult Day Program
Office: 416-925-2103 ext 3100
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340 College St, Suite 360
Toronto, ON, M5T 3A9 (2km)
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Mental Health and Community Support Services
Office: 416-785-9230
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550 Queen St E, Suite 201
Toronto, ON, M5A 1V2 (2km)
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Hennick Bridgepoint Hospital
Office: 416-461-8252
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1 Bridgepoint Dr
Toronto, ON, M4M 2B5 (3km)
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Geriatric Mental Health Programs
Office: 416-535-8501 press 2
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Intergenerational Wellness Centre, 80 Workman Way, 1st Fl
Toronto, ON, M6J 1H4 (3km)
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Korean Senior Citizens Society of Toronto
Office: 416-532-8077
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476 Grace St
Toronto, ON, M6G 3A9 (3km)
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248 Ossington Ave
Toronto, ON, M6J 3A2 (3km)
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2075 Bayview Ave, , H-Wing, Ground Flr, Rm 75C
Toronto, ON, M4N 3M5 (4km)
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Afghan Association of Ontario
Office: 416-744-9289
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1280 Finch Ave W, Unit 205
Toronto, ON, M6J 3K6 (4km)
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140 Merton St, 2nd Floor
Toronto, ON, M4S 1A1 (5km)
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Mental Health and Addiction Services
Office: 416-248-2050
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1281 St Clair Ave W
Toronto, ON, M6E 1B8 (6km)
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Michael Garron Hospital
General Inquiries: 416-461-8272
Patient Relations: 416-469-6096
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825 Coxwell Ave
Toronto, ON, M4C 3E7 (6km)
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Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Switchboard: 416-480-6100
Patient Inquiry: 416-480-4246
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2075 Bayview Ave
Toronto, ON, M4N 3M5 (8km)
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Baycrest Hospital, Ben and Hilda Katz Building
Office: 416-785-2500
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3560 Bathurst St
Toronto, ON, M6A 2E1 (9km)
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Crisis Intervention Assistance
Office: 416-694-1138 ext 136
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74 Firvalley Court
Toronto, ON, M1L 1N9 (10km)
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Toronto North Support Services
Office: 416-499-5969
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132 Railside Rd, Unit 2
Toronto, ON, M3A 1A3 (10km)
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Home Health Care and Community Support Services
Office: 416-635-2860
Office: 905-738-1128
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4211 Yonge St, Suite 401
Toronto, ON, M2P 2A9 (11km)
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North York Centre, Elderly Persons Centre
Office: 416-244-0480
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Sheridan Mall, 1700 Wilson Ave, Suite 104
Toronto, ON, M3L 1B2 (13km)
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