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Located near St Thomas

Distance: 200km
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Dial 2-1-1. Our helpline is answered by real people 24/7 and service is available in 150+ languages.
668 Talbot St
St Thomas, ON, N5P 1C8 (1km)
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55 Hincks St
St Thomas, ON, N5R 3N9 (1km)
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Street Mission and Soup Kitchen
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323 Talbot St
St Thomas, ON, N5P 1B5 (1km)
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179 Talbot St E
Aylmer, ON (17km)
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Hospitality Meal and Food Bank, Salvation Army - Westminster Park Community Church
1190 Southdale Rd E
London, ON, N6E 1B2 (19km)
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290 Ridout St S
London, ON, N6C 3Z1 (21km)
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55 Foxbar Rd
London, ON, N6C 2A6 (22km)
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46 Cathcart St
London, ON, N6C 3L7 (22km)
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111 Elmwood Ave E
London, ON, N6C 1J4 (22km)
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91 Askin St
London, ON, N6C 1E7 (23km)
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Emergency Services Vehicle - Hospitality Meal, Operation Mobilizing Hope
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555 Springbank Dr
London, ON, N6J 1H3 (23km)
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371 Hamilton Rd
London, ON (23km)
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332 Richmond St, Suite 102
London, ON, N6A 3C3 (23km)
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42 Dengate Cres
London, ON (24km)
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566 Dundas St
London, ON, N6B 1W8 (24km)
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468 Wellington St
London, ON, N6A 3P8 (24km)
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Community Services Directory for London and Middlesex
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696 Dundas St E
London, ON, N5W 2Z4 (24km)
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St Joseph's Hospitality Centre
Office: Administration: 519-432-3781
Hospitality Centre: 519-432-0660

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602 Queens Ave
London, ON, N6B 1Y8 (24km)
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76 Doulton St
London, ON, N5W 2P7 (24km)
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227 Wharncliffe Rd N
London, ON, N6H 2B6 (25km)
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280 St James St
London, ON, N6A 1X3 (25km)
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St Michael's Roman Catholic Parish; 511 Cheapside St
London, ON (26km)
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2060 Dundas St E
London, ON, N5V 1R2 (26km)
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156 Elliott St
London, ON, N5Y 2E9 (26km)
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