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Located near North Bay

Distance: 200km
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271 Worthington St E
North Bay, ON, P1B 1H1
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Robsinson's General Store, 1061 Main St
Lake Of Bays, ON, P0A 1E0 (2km)
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100 College Dr
North Bay, ON, P1B 8L7 (4km)
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30 Catherine St W
Callander, ON, P0H 1H0 (12km)
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1257 Village Rd
East Ferris, ON, P0H 1B0 (19km)
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Library Services
Office: 705-663-2220
9311 Hwy 63
Nipissing, Unorganized, North Part, ON, P0H 2A0 (20km)
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365 Hwy 531
Bonfield, ON, P0H 1E0 (25km)
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324 Clark St
Powassan, ON, P0H 1Z0 (26km)
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24 Semo Rd
Nipissing First Nation, ON, P2B 3K2 (32km)
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225 Holditch St, Suite 107
West Nipissing, ON, P2B 1T1 (37km)
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55 Cache St
West Nipissing, ON, P0H 1G0 (42km)
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Dokis Library, 930 Main St
Dokis First Nation, ON, P0M 2N1 (48km)
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110 Morin St
West Nipissing, ON, P0H 1M0 (50km)
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11790 Hwy 64
West Nipissing, ON, P0H 2M0 (50km)
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Municipal Building, 63 Marie St
South River, ON, P0A 1X0 (52km)
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370 Pine St
Mattawa, ON, P0H 1V0 (58km)
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Sundridge Community Centre; 110 Main St
Joly, ON, P0A 1Z0 (60km)
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7 Forget Ave
Temagami First Nation, ON, P0H 1C0 (63km)
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39 Lafontaine St
Markstay-Warren, ON, P0H 2N0 (67km)
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Magnetawan Community Centre Building; 4304 Sparks St N
Magnetawan, ON, P0A 1P0 (73km)
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22 Ste Anne St
St Charles, ON, P0M 2W0 (73km)
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39 Copeland St
Burk's Falls, ON, P0A 1C0 (77km)
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15 Dollard St
French River, ON, P0M 2N0 (77km)
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2206 Hwy 124
Whitestone, ON, P0A 1G0 (80km)
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7 Pioneer St E
Markstay-Warren, ON, P0M 2G0 (85km)
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