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Located near Markham

Distance: 200km
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Dial 2-1-1. Our helpline is answered by real people 24/7 and service is available in 150+ languages.
1383 16th Ave
Richmond Hill, ON, L4B 0E2 (4km)
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Walk-in Medical Clinic
416-490 9348
325 Bamburgh Circle
Toronto, ON, M1W 3Y1 (5km)
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3891 Don Mills Rd
Toronto, ON, M2H 2S7 (6km)
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Silver Star Medical Centre
385 Silver Star Blvd, Unit 113
Toronto, ON, M1V 0E3 (6km)
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Walk-in Clinic on Bayview
9019 Bayview Ave, Suite 8
Richmond Hill, ON, L4B 1Y3 (6km)
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8200 Bayview Ave
Markham, ON, L3T 2S2 (6km)
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301 High Tech Rd
Richmond Hill, ON, L4B 4R2 (6km)
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8 Green Lane, Units 1-3
Markham, ON, L3T 7P7 (6km)
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Elgin Mills Crossing Clinic
10 John Birchall Rd, Unit 3
Richmond Hill, ON, L4S 0B2 (7km)
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9325 Yonge St
Richmond Hill, ON, L4C 0A8 (8km)
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Walk-In Medical Clinic
9625 Yonge St
Richmond Hill, ON, L4C 5T2 (8km)
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2901 Markham Rd, Unit 11
Toronto, ON, M1X 0B6 (8km)
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2901 Markham Rd, Unit 6
Toronto, ON, M1X 0B6 (8km)
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10323 Yonge St
Richmond Hill, ON, L4C 3C1 (9km)
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7335 Yonge St
Markham, ON, L3T 2B2 (9km)
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4839 Leslie St
Toronto, ON, M2J 2K8 (9km)
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10660 Yonge St, Unit 2
Richmond Hill, ON, L4C 3C9 (9km)
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4158 Sheppard Ave E
Toronto, ON, M1S 1T3 (9km)
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MedVisit - Doctors Housecall Service
Call 911 in emergencies
Visit Website
505 Consumers Road, Suite 901
Toronto, ON, M2J 4V8 (10km)
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9301 Bathurst St, Unit 8
Richmond Hill, ON, L4C 9S2 (10km)
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1100 Sheppard Ave E, Suite 100
Toronto, ON, M2K 2W1 (10km)
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6023 Yonge St
Toronto, ON, M2M 3W2 (10km)
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300 Steeles Ave W, Suite 10
Markham, ON, L4J 1A1 (10km)
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2901 Bayview Ave
Toronto, ON, M2K 2Y6 (10km)
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9 Progress Ave, Unit 1A
Toronto, ON, M1P 5A4 (11km)
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