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Dial 2-1-1. Our helpline is answered by real people 24/7 and service is available in 150+ languages.
Volunteer Connect York Region
Office: 289-469-5346
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Canadian Liver Foundation
National Helpline : 1-800-563-5483
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3100 Steeles Ave E, Ste 101
Markham, ON, L3R 8T3 (5km)
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Harriet Tubman Community Organization
Office: 647-834-6992
Alternate Number: 416-316-3419
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1761 Sheppard Ave E, Main Fl
Toronto, ON, M2J 0A5 (9km)
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Warm Line and Peer Crisis Support Service
Office: 1-888-780-0724
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10121 Yonge St
Richmond Hill, ON, L4C 1T7 (9km)
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Mandarin Hotline and Mental Health Support
Support Line: 289-800-8818
Office: 226-499-8666
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250 Consumers Rd, Suite 517
Toronto, ON, M2J 4V6 (9km)
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1911 Kennedy Rd, Unit 105
Toronto, ON, M1P 2L9 (11km)
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100 Consilium Place, Suite 200
Toronto, ON, M1H 3E3 (11km)
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North York Youth Drop-in
Office: 416-779-7386
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5231 Yonge St, Suite 200
Toronto, ON, M2N 5P8 (11km)
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York Region Housing and Settlement Services
Office: 416-414-6779
Office: 416-317-3655
Office: 647-267-5319
Office: 647-241-1237
Office: 416-268-0654
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2500 Lawrence Ave E, Unit 205
Toronto, ON, M1P 2R7 (13km)
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For You Telecare Family Service
Office: 416-447-3535
Crisis: 416-241-5456
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Korean Cultural Centre, 1133 Leslie St, Suite 211 and 212
Toronto, ON, M3C 2J6 (14km)
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Counselling and Support Programs
Office: 416-638-0350
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858 Sheppard Ave W
Toronto, ON, M3H 2T5 (15km)
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1111 Finch Ave W, Suite 411
Toronto, ON, M3J 2E5 (15km)
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East Scarborough Storefront
Office: 416-208-9889
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4040 Lawrence Ave E
Toronto, ON, M1E 2R2 (15km)
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10 Gateway Blvd, Suite 104
Toronto, ON, M3C 3A1 (16km)
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Multiservice neighbourhood centre, Main Office
Office: 416-421-3054
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18 Thorncliffe Park Dr
Toronto, ON, M4H 1N7 (17km)
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Central Eglinton Community Centre
Office: 416-392-0511
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160 Eglinton Ave E
Toronto, ON, M4P 3B5 (17km)
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1 Leaside Park Dr, Unit 7
Toronto, ON, M4H 1R1 (17km)
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255 Ranee Ave, Suites 4 and 5
Toronto, ON, M6A 2E3 (17km)
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Mood Disorders Association of Ontario
Telephone Support Line: 416-486-8046
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36 Eglinton Ave W, Suite 602
Toronto, ON, M4R 1A1 (17km)
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Unison Health and Community Services, Lawrence Heights Site
Office: 416-787-1661
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12 Flemington Rd
Toronto, ON, M6A 2N4 (17km)
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Community programs
Office: 416-663-2733 ext 222
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4400 Jane St, Suite 108
Toronto, ON, M3N 2K4 (18km)
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Manantial Neighbourhood Services
Office: 416-915-0997
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Emmanuel Church of the Nazarene, 1875 Sheppard Ave W, Lower Level
Toronto, ON, M3L 1Y6 (19km)
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Trinity Aurora Church, 44 Metcalfe St
Aurora, ON, L4G 1E6 (19km)
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3036 Danforth Ave
Toronto, ON, M4C 1N2 (19km)
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