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Located near Kanata

Distance: 200km
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Dial 2-1-1. Our helpline is answered by real people 24/7 and service is available in 150+ languages.
Food & Conference Services - Facilities
Office: 613-727-4723 ext 7615
Office: 613-727-4723 ext 7481
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Woodroffe Campus; 1385 Woodroffe Ave, Rm D111
Ottawa, ON, K2G 1V8 (12km)
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22 O'Meara St
Ottawa, ON, K1Y 4N6 (17km)
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RA Centre, 2451 Riverside Dr
Ottawa, ON, K1H 7X7 (19km)
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Conventions and Reservations, Client Services
Office : 613-562-5800 ext 5771
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Jock-Turcot University Centre, 85 University Private, Rm 339
Ottawa, ON, K1N 6N5 (21km)
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Food Services and Employment Skills Training Program - Gourmet Xpress
Office: 613-742-4400 ext 3
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Centre francophone de Vanier; 270 Marier Ave NE, 2nd floor
Ottawa, ON, K1L 5P8 (23km)
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4295 Stagecoach Rd
South Frontenac, ON, K0H 2T0 (115km)
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