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Seniors Apartments, Residences on Augusta
Office: 905-522-2230 x189
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155 James St S
Hamilton, ON, L8P 3A4
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Retirement Residence, Caroline Place
Office: 905-548-7660
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118 Market St
Hamilton, ON, L8R 3P9 (1km)
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Cardinal Retirement Residence (The)
Office: 905-525-0338
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10 Herkimer St
Hamilton, ON, L8P 2G2 (1km)
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Aberdeen Gardens Retirement Residence
Office: 905-529-3163
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330 Dundurn St S
Hamilton, ON, L8P 4L6 (2km)
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Carlisle Retirement Residence (The)
Office: 905-521-4442
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467 Main St E
Hamilton, ON, L8N 1K1 (2km)
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Long-Term Care, Hamilton Continuing Care
Office: 519-571-1873 x100
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125 Wentworth St S
Hamilton, ON, L8N 2Z1 (2km)
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Senior's Apartments, Shalom Village
Office: 905-528-5103
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70 Macklin St N
Hamilton, ON, L8S 3S1 (2km)
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Retirement Residence, Villa Italia
Office: 905-388-4552
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530 Upper Paradise Rd
Hamilton, ON, L9C 7W2 (5km)
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300 Plains Rd W
Burlington, ON, L7T 0A2 (5km)
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1430 Upper Wellington St
Hamilton, ON, L9A 5H3 (5km)
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843 Mohawk Rd E
Hamilton, ON, L8T 2R4 (5km)
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Senior's Apartments, Wellingstone Christian Home
Office: 905-383-0754
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261 Stone Church Rd E
Hamilton, ON, L9B 1B1 (5km)
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Abington Court Retirement Residence
Office: 905-544-1440
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1500 Main St E
Hamilton, ON, L8K 1E1 (6km)
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924 Park Ave W
Burlington, ON, L7T 1N7 (6km)
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Court at Rushdale Retirement Residence (The)
Office: 905-575-6832
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1360 Upper Sherman Ave
Hamilton, ON, L8W 3Z6 (6km)
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18 Plains Rd W
Burlington, ON, L7T 0B3 (6km)
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Meadowlands Retirement Community
Office: 905-304-1968
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1248 Mohawk Rd W
Hamilton, ON, L9K 1P5 (6km)
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Neighbourhood Model for Seniors at Risk, St. Joseph's Home Care
Office: 905-525-1375
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1550 Upper James St, Ste 201
Hamilton, ON, L9B 2L6 (6km)
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1221 Limeridge Rd E
Hamilton, ON, L8W 1Y1 (6km)
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391 Rymal Rd W
Hamilton, ON, L9B 1V2 (6km)
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Retirement Residence, Deerview Crossing
Office: 289-309-7437
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460 Rymal Rd W
Hamilton, ON, L9B 0B2 (6km)
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Retirement Residence
Office: 905-575-4735
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Wentworth Heights Village; 1620 Upper Wentworth St
Hamilton, ON, L9B 2W3 (6km)
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Dundas Retirement Place Retirement Residence
Office: 905-628-0013
33 Main St E
Dundas, ON, L9H 2P7 (7km)
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St. Joseph's Estates
Office: 905-627-3541 x 0
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St Joseph's Estates; 150 & 160 Ogilvie St
Hamilton, ON, L9H 5G7 (7km)
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723 Rymal Rd W
Hamilton, ON, L9B 2W1 (7km)
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