Searching for Supportive (semi-independent) Housing

Located near Cornwall

Distance: 200km
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Carefor Health & Community Services, Cornwall - 205 Amelia St
Office: 613-932-3451
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Knights of Columbus; 205 Amelia St
Cornwall, ON, K6H 3P3
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Primrose Manor
Office: 613-933-9310
134 Ninth St W
Cornwall, ON, K6J 3A5 (1km)
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Community Living Stormont County
Office: 613-938-9550
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280 Ninth Street West
Cornwall, ON, K6J 3A6 (1km)
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Place Aime
Office: 613-936-9201
882 First St E
Cornwall, ON, K6H 1N1 (2km)
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Greenview Manor
Office: 613-933-2117
1319 Lisieux St
Cornwall, ON, K6J 4Z3 (2km)
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Kinsmen Community Residence
Office: 613-938-3378
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176 Marguerite D'Youville St, Unit 41
Cornwall, ON, K6H 7H4 (3km)
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1545 Vincent Massey Dr
Cornwall, ON, K6H 5R6 (5km)
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17383 South Branch Rd
Cornwall, ON, K6K 1T3 (5km)
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Community Living Glengarry
Office: 613-525-4357
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Don Johnston Building, 332 MacDonald Blvd
North Glengarry, ON, K0C 1A0 (33km)
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Résidence Angelik
Office: 613-866-5518
Office: 613-987-2178
1062 Route 800 E
Casselman, ON, K0A 3C0 (40km)
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J W MacIntosh Seniors' Support Centre
Office: 613-535-2924
Office: 1-877-881-5888
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Park Drive Villa, 4324 Villa Dr
South Dundas, ON, K0C 2H0 (41km)
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Residence Mon Chez Nous
Office: 613-764-3024
679 Jeanne Mance St
Casselman, ON, K0A 1M0 (42km)
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Residence du Village
Office: 613-764-5425
758 Principale St
Casselman, ON, K0A 1M0 (43km)
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Community Living Dundas County
Office: 613-543-3737
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55 Allison Ave
South Dundas, ON, K0C 1X0 (43km)
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Résidence Servant
Office : 613-443-2828
1063 Notre-Dame St
Russell, ON, K0A 1W0 (51km)
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Résidence Érabliere
Main Office: 613-443-3998
Office: 613-791-9792
583 Limoges Rd N
The Nation Municipality, ON, K0A 2M0 (53km)
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Hillcrest Manor
Office: 613-774-3391
11664 County Rd 43, RR 2
North Dundas, ON, K0E 1S0 (53km)
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133 Ottawa St
The Nation Municipality, ON, K0A 2M0 (54km)
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9342 Castor Rd
Russell, ON, K4R 1E5 (55km)
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MacDonald Residence
Office: 613-678-6571
24 Bertha St
Champlain, ON, K0B 1R0 (56km)
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Résidence Cartier
Office: 613-487-7896
3722 Cartier St
Clarence-Rockland, ON, K0A 1E0 (57km)
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173 Old Highway 17
Alfred And Plantagenet, ON, K0B 1L0 (61km)
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173 Old Highway 17
Alfred And Plantagenet, ON, K0B 1L0 (61km)
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St Pascal Residence
Office: 613-488-2626
2454 Du Lac Rd
Clarence-Rockland, ON, K0A 3N0 (62km)
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342 McGill St
Hawkesbury, ON, K6A 3V5 (66km)
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