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Located near Burlington

Distance: 200km
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Dial 2-1-1. Our helpline is answered by real people 24/7 and service is available in 150+ languages.
441 Maple Ave
Burlington, ON, L7S 1L8 (1km)
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1182 North Shore Blvd E
Burlington, ON, L7S 1C5 (1km)
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802 Hager Ave
Burlington, ON, L7S 1X2 (1km)
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3700 Billings Court
Burlington, ON, L7N 3N6 (4km)
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159 Panin Rd
Burlington, ON, L7P 5A6 (6km)
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4100 Upper Middle Rd
Burlington, ON, L7M 4W8 (6km)
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Creek Way Village Long Term Care Home
Mon-Sun 24 hours 905-825-6000 or call 3-1-1
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5200 Corporate Dr
Burlington, ON, L7L 7G7 (8km)
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Long Term Care Home
Office: 905-639-6389 ; To arrange a tour 905-639-6389 ext 224
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5959 New St
Burlington, ON, L7L 6W5 (8km)
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Long-Term Care, Alexander Place
Office: 905-689-2662
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329 Parkside Dr
Hamilton, ON, L0R 2H0 (8km)
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176 Victoria Ave N
Hamilton, ON, L8L 5G1 (9km)
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Cathmar Seniors Residence Services
Office: 905-529-9531
236 Catharine St N
Hamilton, ON, L8L 4S6 (9km)
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Long-Term Care, Dundurn Place Care Centre
Office: 905-523-6427
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39 Mary St
Hamilton, ON, L8R 3L8 (9km)
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Long-Term Care, Baywoods Place
Office: 905-523-7134
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330 Main St E
Hamilton, ON, L8N 3T9 (9km)
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Long-Term Care, Queen's Garden Residence
Office: 905-972-8889
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80 Queen St N
Hamilton, ON, L8R 3P6 (10km)
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Supportive Housing, Gwen Lee
Office: 905-540-8932
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191 Main St W, Stes 611 and 612
Hamilton, ON, L8P 4S2 (10km)
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Long-Term Care, Parkview Nursing Centre
Office: 905-525-5903
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545 King St W
Hamilton, ON, L8P 1C1 (10km)
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Long-Term Care, Shalom Village
Office: 905-529-1613 x 391
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70 Macklin St N
Hamilton, ON, L8S 3S1 (10km)
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2480 No 2 Side Rd
Burlington, ON, L7P 0H1 (11km)
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2140 Baronwood Dr
Oakville, ON, L6M 4V6 (12km)
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Long Term Care, Arbour Creek Care Centre
Office: 905-578-3431
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2717 King St E
Hamilton, ON, L8G 1J3 (12km)
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701 Upper Sherman Ave
Hamilton, ON, L8V 3M7 (12km)
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Long-Term Care, Clarion Nursing Home
Office: 905-664-2281
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337 Hwy 8
Hamilton, ON, L8G 1E7 (13km)
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Grace Villa (Hamilton) Ltd; 45 Lockton Cres
Hamilton, ON, L8V 4V5 (13km)
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Long-Term Care, St. Peter's Residence at Chedoke
Office: 905-383-0448
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125 Redfern Ave
Hamilton, L9C 7W9 (14km)
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449 Sanatorium Rd N
Hamilton, ON, L9C 2A7 (14km)
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