Ontario 211 Services develops partnerships to advance an integrated human service system. With our 211 Regional Service Providers, we collaborate to ensure broad and equitable access to community services and maximize the use of existing resources.

Matawa First Nations & 211 North Service Mapping Project
211 North was invited to partner in a mapping project. Matawa First Nations Management, a Tribal Council serving 9 first Nations communities, will use 211's data in this project. After mapping resources, they will also create infographics to help people understand what services do. These will help people transitioning from custody and those experiencing homelessness. The partnership aims to make it easier for people to understand the services here to help them. This data sharing partnership ensures ongoing project sustainability.

Toronto Community Crisis Service Pilot
The City of Toronto, Toronto Police Service, 211 Central and four community partners are piloting the Toronto Community Crisis Service (TCCS) program.

The pilot launched in March 2022 in four regions and seeks to provide a community-based response to non-emergency mental health crisis calls. By working together, these organizations can provide culturally safe mental health supports. The pilot needs to be responsive to local priorities and the system's complexity as residents face navigating Toronto's health, social and justice services.

A recent market research campaign found that awareness of the pilot had increased by 22%. It also found greater awareness and trust in Black and Indigenous communities with the support of the 211 Services community helpline.

TCCS dispatches via 211 have now exceeded those transferred from 911 – a great achievement and a positive indicator of the pilot's success. Since launch, 211 has made over 8000 dispatch calls for the pilot, and there is a strong commitment to expand the pilot city-wide by July 2024.

Local Immigration Partnership Partners With 211 South West
The Windsor Essex Local Immigration Partnership is the region’s lead agency coordinating support for migrant workers and refugees. As part of this work, they created an English and Spanish app using 211 data and crowd-sourced information to help meet the service needs of this community – notably temporary migrant workers working in the agriculture and greenhouse sectors in the area.

Ottawa Police Services Fraud Squad Team Up With 211 East
Ottawa Police Services and 211 East have partnered to share fraud prevention messages. They are running a joint outreach campaign across the region, including presenting to seniors’ groups across Eastern Ontario. More sessions will run in the Fall of 2023 and Spring of 2024.

Affordable Access to Transit in Thunder Bay
The City of Thunder Bay and 211 North are partnering on the "Affordable Access to Transportation and Recreation" project – a three-year pilot launched in July 2023 to reduce poverty and enhance accessibility to the community's resources. They hope to do this by providing reduced transit fairs and recreation fees. The objective is to enhance an individual's mobility and help them feel empowered, enabling more residents to participate in local social and economic opportunities.

211 North intake staff will receive, process, and approve applications for the Affordable Access Pilot program as the public point of contact for the application process.