Thank you Ontario for making Ontario 211 a WINNER!

For the third time, 211 callers have generously shared their time and provided feedback on customer service provided by our I & R Specialists. Ontario 211 has won the SQM Award for ‘Highest Customer Service in the Government Industry’ and for the first time achieved Call Centre World Class Certification.

Essentially, staff who answer the phones are providing people with the information and the referrals they need the first time they call 211. Their success would not be possible without the reliable information about 56,000 community and social services that 211 Editors collect and routinely manage. We would be remiss in not mentioning the small teams of dedicated staff and leaders at each 211 Service Provider organization that ensure things run smoothly.  211 Ontario currently has seven call centres serving the province.  The Association of Information and Referral Systems (AIRS) accredits each 211 Service Provider to ensure standards of service are maintained.

Highest Customer Service monitors the performance metric of a caller’s needs being met on the first call while Call Centre World Class Certification is for call centres where 75% or higher of the calls are at the World-Class Level for six consecutive months or more.  SQM provides benchmarking for over 450 leading North American call centres.

The SQM survey is anonymous and confidential. The testimonials below, from willing survey participants, provide a glimpse into what callers said and feel about 211 service delivery:

I had issues and I needed to reach out to my community for resources. I just came out of surgery and I’m going into another surgery. I have a 10-year-old daughter. With these surgeries I didn’t have money and we don’t have beds to sleep on.  211 helped me find beds and the resources I needed not only for her school supplies and for food. In one phone call I was able to get exactly what I needed. I was able to reach out through the 211 service to what I needed to get me by and through this next critical time.

She was polite and more than willing to look for information for me. When she called me back she had a significant amount of information that she’d looked up.

She was easy to talk to and we had a conversation to try to uncover other ways to help with my problems and issues. She made me open up. I think she went over and above what she was supposed to do.

I just liked the way that she spoke to me; she was very human, and very interested in my request. She was able to advise me about getting back to the people in question.

She took her time to look up a few different locations and advise me on the functions for each location so it was well worth it for me. I would have gone to the wrong location.

They were sympathetic and they listened very well. They gave me three options to choose from and invited me to call back if the first option didn’t work out.

They gave me the information I needed. It was very important the information that I needed. I am under a great deal of stress where I live and they actually really helped me out. It is actually now being resolved.

I was very upset when I called her and she showed a lot of empathy for me and she was just very nice. She wasn’t judgmental and she actually suggested things I hadn’t thought of. She went above and beyond and I thought she was very good.