There are hundreds of people and organizations that play a role in the 211 system. Some contribute their time, some contribute dollars, and some contribute their operational expertise.  Others play an Ambassador role, building awareness of 211 in communities.

The work we do would not be possible without the generous support of our funders. They share our vision for what 211 can be, and are invested in helping us get there.

Ontario’s Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services

The Province of Ontario represents the most significant portion of funding for the provincial 211 system.  The Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services understands the need for improving access to information and service navigation for Ontario’s residents.  We are grateful for their ongoing operational support for the delivery of 211 service across Ontario, as well as additional support for system infrastructure and specialty services that leverage the expertise of 211 resources.

Regional Service Partners – Helping to Navigate the Human Services System

Our licensed 211 Regional Service Partners answer more than 350,000 contacts each year from across Ontario.  They are independent non-profit organizations that deliver 211 services for their respective catchment areas.  These organizations also manage and oversee the resource data for their regions, working closely with our Local Data Partners to ensure consistent standards are followed, and information is accurate.  These 211 providers are all Accredited by AIRS (Alliance of Information and Referral Systems), meeting and exceeding the standards set by the sector.

211 Central, Findhelp Information Services
211 Central East, Community Connection
211 Central South, InCommunities
211 Eastern, Community Information Centre of Ottawa
211 North, Lakehead Social Planning Council
211 South West, City of Windsor

United Ways across Ontario

As a founding partner in the 211 service, United Ways across the province contribute not only their dollars, but their time and expertise to help develop the system, and build awareness for the service at a community level. United Way Centraide Canada continues to support the development of the 211 system across Canada, from resource development to system planning, to brand leadership and political advocacy.

Many municipalities across Ontario are strong supporters of the 211 system – contributing dollars directly to Ontario 211 Services, or to one of our 211 service providers.  211 is becoming recognized in many communities as a critical resource and support for their residents, and for their own operations.

211 Logo with words Ontario Data Partner underneath

Local Data Partners – Fueling the Provincial 211 Resource Database

Local Data Partners across the province collect and maintain information about human services in their community, and build relationships with local agencies to ensure that information is accurate and up-to-date.  Ontario 211 Services works with these partners to bring the local data sets together into the 211 Ontario database.  These organizations also meet and exceed the AIRS data standards, and many of their Data staff are Certified Resource Specialists.

Project-based funding

211 is often involved with local organizations or governments in providing access to specialized services, or to priority populations.  From mental health, to poverty reduction and homelessness, to utility assistance or assistive devices, our 211 community navigators and resource data are being leveraged by others to create efficient and effective service delivery models.  There are dozens of these partnerships in place at a local and regional level.

We thank our provincial funders for investing in 211’s capacity and infrastructure:

Ontario’s Ministry of Advanced Education and Information Technology – Good2Talk service

Green Shield Canada – Opening Doors to Better Health project (ends January, 2018)

Ontario’s Poverty Reduction Strategy Fund – Poverty Screening Tool