Second National Conference Dedicated to Exploring the Violence Link between Animal Abuse and Abuse of Humans

Second National Conference Dedicated to Exploring the Violence Link between Animal Abuse and Abuse of Humans

Animal abuse is more clearly correlated to family violence than mental illness, drinking or drug abuse.

The Canadian Violence Link Conference, by Humane Canada, is an innovative, ground-breaking conference that examines the link between violence against human beings and animals, looking at the vulnerabilities in both populations and how they intersect. #LINK2019

The “Violence Link” is a proven connection between violence against animals and violence against people, and it can predict future brutality against human beings. The violence can manifest in many ways, including a pet being harmed or killed after a woman leaves an abusive relationship, or a serial killer who practices their abuse on animals before moving on to human beings.

Sessions at the 2019 conference:

  • The Connection Between Animal Cruelty & Societal Violence and Vulnerability: The Link
  • Canadian Violence Link Coalition Panel Discussion
  • Integrating Across Agencies: A Cross Sectoral Discussion
  • Criminal Offences that Capture Harm Related to The Violence Link
  • Link Between Child Sexual Assault and Animal Sexual Assault
  • Social Work and The Violence Link
  • The State of Housing Pets of Intimate Partner Violence and Safe Pet Keeping Programs
  • Solutions to Pet Safe Keeping in Situations of Domestic and Interpersonal Violence
  • Investigating “Link Crimes” in Toronto: Collaboration, Communication and Best Practices
  • Systemic Approach to Responding to Animal Cruelty
  • Animal Cruelty Crime Incidents in the Federal Bureau of Investigations National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS): how it initiated and where it is now
  • The View from South of the Border: Link Lessons Learned

This conference is intended for social workers, police officers, animal cruelty personnel, judges, antiviolence advocates, politicians, bureaucrats, Crown prosecutors, animal welfare advocates, policy experts, veterinarians and RVTs.

More than 200 professionals from across Canada attended the 2017 conference to focus on how sectors can work together to improve Canada’s response to violence. This was the first time a national conference of this kind happened in Canada, and it has kick-started much-needed action on violence.

Several organizations are offering continuing education credits. See the About page at conference link below for more information.


Humane Canada’s 2019 Canadian Violence Link Conference will take place at the Chelsea Hotel Toronto, November 20-22, 2019.

To register and for more information:

Thanks to the sponsors of this conference:

  • PETSMART Charities of Canada
  • Tony Graham Family Foundation of Canada
  • Donner Canadian Foundation
  • Ontario Veterinary Medical Association
  • The Johansen Larsen Foundation
  • VCA Animal Hospital
  • The Body Shop
  • Red Rover
  • Ontario Veterinary College
  • Ottawa Police
  • Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police
  • Women’s Shelters Canada
  • LINK Toronto
  • Government of Canada Office of the Federal Ombudsman for Victims of Crime

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