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Exploring Uses of 211 Data in Social Planning and Research

Today, we were pleased to release a final report from a partnership project that explored the use of 211 data in analysing the unmet need...

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Looking for homemaking and community help?

Looking or homemaking and community help to maintain your independence? Call 211 or learn more about the types of help homemaking and commun...

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Help Starts Here This Winter 2018

The winter months can cause both financial and emotional stress, especially for people living on a low income or coping with a change in the...

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Ontario 211 Services Board of Directors Posting 2018

Currently the volunteer Board of Directors is seeking new members to provide strategic direction and oversight for the Ontario 211 Services ...

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Looking for homemaking and community help?

Community agencies provide a variety of services to help seniors manage grocery shopping.Call 211 to find homemaking help and community s...

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Free tax filing services can help low-income Canadians boost their income

For most Canadians, filing tax is an annual civic ritual to which we obligingly submit. For low-income households, however, tax time is a...

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