211 Northern Region Snapshot 2016

211 Northern Region includes the following municipalities/counties/regions: Algoma, Cochrane, Kenora, Nipissing, Rainy River, Sudbury & Manitoulin, Temiskaming and Thunder Bay.

23,964 Calls

Total Number of Web Sessions

Website Sessions by top 5 cities/towns in 211 Region

Sudbury – 6,003
Thunder Bay – 3,877
Sault Ste. Marie – 3,059
North Bay – 2,101
Timmins – 1,340

211 Helps Newcomer to Thunder Bay Connect with Health and Social Supports

An stressed woman called 211 feeling overwhelmed with her recent move to Thunder Bay. She indicated that she was hesitant to relocate to Thunder Bay in the first place because of her many health issues and was now missing the company and support of her family and friends. The 211 Specialist connected her with the local distress centre and followed up with her the next day. During the follow-up conversation it became clear that the caller needed help with mental health issues, as well as medical services. The 211 Specialist referred the caller to the NorWest Community Health Centre, located not only close to her home, but a service that serves people who have a higher risk of poor health, offering programs that consider social, emotional and financial needs of its clients. Its team features family physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, counsellors, dieticians and community health workers. The caller was happy to hear that its programming also included recreational activities for seniors and volunteer opportunities that would help her meet new people in the community.

Racism Reporting Line

211 North was invited to join the Incident Response Committee, a joint committee of Diversity Thunder Bay and the City of Thunder Bay’s Anti-Racism & Respect Advisory Committee to explore options for individuals to report incidents of racism in Thunder Bay.  The committee identified the benefits and value of using 211 which offers individual anonymity and confidentiality so is a safe place to report incidents of racism, discrimination, bias and oppression. 211 can also provide referrals appropriate to each individual caller’s needs. Callers would be given the following options to report: by phone, online or in-person. This pilot project would provide baseline data which would help the City to assess and record the magnitude of racism in our community. This project was approved by Thunder Bay City Council and became available June 27, 2017, The project has two main goals: a) to validate a person’s experience; create a place where individuals can say “this happened to me”, and to know that someone is listening; b) begin to track these types of incidents to develop a sense of where and when they’re happening in particular by type; location of occurrence and frequency.

Why people called 211 in 2016

Health Care
3,746 Calls

Income Support/Assistance
3,611 Calls

Individual, Family & Community Support
3,011 Calls

Legal, Consumer & Public Safety
2,715 Calls

Information Services
2,392 Calls

Utility Assistance
1,684 Calls

Government/Economic Services
1,317 Calls

1,044 Calls

Mental Health/Addictions
991 Calls

939 Calls

424 Calls

Arts, Culture & Recreation
324 Calls

247 Calls

Clothing/Personal/Household Needs
165 Calls

154 Calls

145 Calls

111 Calls