211 Central South Region Snapshot 2016

211 Central South Region includes the following municipalities/counties/regions: Brant, Haldimand Norfolk, Halton, Hamilton, Niagara, Waterloo and Wellington.

49,447 Calls

Total Number of Web Sessions

Website Sessions by top 5 cities/towns in 211 Region

Hamilton – 24,776
Kitchener – 5,955
St. Catherines – 5,709
Waterloo – 5,567
Brantford – 4,536

Kindly Landlord Helps Terminal Ill Tenant Get Services Through 211

A landlord called with concerns about an older adult tenant, with very limited income, who had recently been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. The landlord shared her concerns about the individual, as he had decided against medical treatment and had no family or friends for support. Following an assessment, 211 provided referrals to the Canadian Cancer Society, Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) and Canadian Mental Health Associations’s Support Coordination Service. During a 211 initiated follow up phone call, it was confirmed that the landlord was able to connect her tenant with CMHA who was now providing ongoing service coordination and support to the terminally ill patient.

211 Central South Partners with Niagara Emergency Medical Services

Niagara EMS identified that paramedics often see underlying issues of concern when responding to 911 calls. While they have a protocol to refer patients directly to the CCAC for health-related issues, they were seeking another option for paramedics when they see that a patient has needs related to the social determinants of health (housing, hunger, etc.). As part of this important initiative, Niagara EMS staff received training on 211 and on the social determinants of health. When they identify other needs that patients may have, Niagara EMS will encourage them to call 211 and provide the patient with a 211 referral in writing. Patients are encouraged to tell 211 who referred them and the reason for the referral. This project launched with training in February 2017.

Why people called 211 in 2016

Health Care
6,568 Calls

Income Support/Assistance
6,322 Calls

Legal, Consumer & Public Safety
5,775 Calls

Information Services
3,261 Calls

3,240 Calls

Individual, Family & Community Support
2,937 Calls

Government/Economic Services
2,901 Calls

Mental Health/Addictions
2,233 Calls

1,268 Calls

Utility Assistance
1,198 Calls

1,164 Calls

Arts, Culture & Recreation
953 Calls

552 Calls

543 Calls

Clothing/Personal/Household Needs
512 Calls

414 Calls

95 Calls