211 Central Region Snapshot 2016

211 Central Region includes the following municipalities/counties/regions: Durham, Peel, Toronto and York.

139, 843 Calls

Total Number of Web Sessions

Website Sessions by top 5 cities/towns in 211 Region

Toronto – 139,456
Mississauga – 14,172
Brampton – 13,040
Markham – 5,081
Vaughan – 4,540

Help for Woman Who Left an Abusive Relationship

A woman called 211 looking for multiple services including food, financial help, divorce law, a personal support worker (PSW) and housing help. She had recently left an abusive relationship and was feeling overwhelmed by her situation.The I&R Specialist provided referrals for each of the callers needs as well as the Assaulted Women’s Helpline and in-person counseling programs. Upon follow up, the I&R Specialist confirmed the woman was getting help from the referrals provided. The woman indicated that she was satisfied with the services and already had a mental health worker in place. A warm transfer was provided to the Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) to inquire about a PSW support.

Collaboration Develops Community Asset App for Police Services

A partnership between Ryerson University, Toronto Police Services, The City of Toronto and Findhelp/211 Central will improve community policing and help people get the support they need. The Community Asset Portal is a smartphone app developed by students at Ryerson University. It provides a scrollable map of 211 information data that connects officers to community support services including shelters, mental-health services in their area and resource navigation specialists at 211 Central. The app is an easy to use portal that will allow officers to immediately find appropriate services for an individual experiencing a mental health crisis.

Why people called 211 in 2016

Legal, Consumer & Public Safety
10,284 Calls

Health Care
9,232 Calls

8,517 Calls

Information Services
7,013 Calls

6,017 Calls

Income Support/Assistance
5,988 Calls

Individual, Family & Community Support
5,452 Calls

Mental Health/Addictions
4,557 Calls

Government/Economic Services
2,169 Calls

1,857 Calls

Arts, Culture & Recreation
1,307 Calls

1,287 Calls

1,184 Calls

Clothing/Personal/Household Needs
1,171 Calls

Utility Assistance
650 Calls

479 Calls

112 Calls