Embed 211 Ontario Search Into Your Website

Interested in helping Ontario residents access 211 search service from your own website? Here’s how. Simply choose the type of data and location from the options below, and generate an embed code – just like on YouTube. Place the embed code anywhere on your own website to give your visitors the ability to find community, social, health and government services. If you are having troubles, click here to contact us by email.

Set Widget Refinement Defaults

Enter the location, sort type, distance for returning search results, and any and all topics using the selections below. Then simply click Generate Code and copy the code into your website.

Hide Location Field in Widget

Select the default location to search for community resources

Hide Refinement Options in Widget

Select the distance for searches and how results will be sorted, and the topics and/or subtopics for your search.

Open Results in New Tab

Results are being open in a new tab. If not checked, the results are open in the same browser window.